Welcome to the new Fernway Neighborhood Association Website:

The Fernway Neighborhood Association is excited to announce that we are rebooting the organization and hope to stage kick off events in the coming months.

Please see the attached calendar for upcoming events and important dates involving the City of Shaker Hts. in general and the Fernway Neighborhood specifically.

While use of the website will remain free of charge we will be organizing as a non-profit group and will be collecting nominal yearly dues accordingly.  These dues will help finance events, facilitate communications, sponsor beautification programs, and fund the association’s  organizational needs.

Our primary goal as an Association is to help enhance the overall experience of living in the Fernway Neighborhood specifically and Shaker Heights in general.  We will do this by:

  • Helping facilitate intra neighborhood communication via the website.   
  • Helping disseminate information from the City of Shaker Heights to area residents again through the website.
  • Supporting and planning social events to help foster a strong sense of community.
  • Creating a link to both the government entities of Shaker Heights, and the business community in Shaker Heights.

Please click on the “Membership” section of this website to sign up.  Thanks.